Foods to Eat Before a Workout

Athletes and gym enthusiasts are continuously looking for new ways to better their performance and meet their objectives. Nutritional diets can help your body perform better and recover quickly after each workout. Not only will optimal nutritional intake before exercise help you enhance your performance, but it will also help you avoid muscle damage (1). […]

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Muscle Growth

What is hypertrophy? Hypertrophy is the increase in size of the muscle cells. That’s right, this is what you’re looking for! Muscle growth occurs when muscles grow larger and stronger. This makes them able to do more work than they could before (or at least feel like they are). Hypertrophy isn’t just a matter of […]

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Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Years ago, my pre-and post-workout meals were like sacred, inalienable rituals to be observed without deviation. Drinking a  protein shake pre and post-workout was crucial, I believed, and especially after, when your body’s “anabolic window” was rapidly closing and with it your opportunity for maximum muscle and strength gain. Chances are you’ve heard something similar. […]

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-Introduction If you ask any knowledgeable person in the fitness industry what the most important dietary supplement is, they’ll most likely direct you to a multivitamin as their answer. Vitamins and minerals are essential for overall health, especially while being in a caloric deficit. Micronutrient is the term used for vitamins and minerals as they […]

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Caffeine & Fitness

Intro Caffeine is the most commonly used energy booster. A Lot of people usually rely on caffeinated beverages to get their energy going, but athletes on the other hand, have long depended on caffeine to enhance their performance and focus during training and competition. Today, we’ll dive deep into what caffeine is, how it can […]

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